Re-defining how we map our world

True high resolution othrophoto for extreme detail up to 2cm/pixel – see every little detail!

Algorithmic contours accurate up to 3cm with interval capabilities between 20cm – 20km with unparalleled flexibility through completely interchangeable contour intervals!

Get stunning Elevation Digital Surface Models and Digital Terrain Models for various mapping and surveying applications.

Study slope gradients across any terrain allowing for better decision making and cost effective planning.

Analyze surrounding water flow down to every bump and hill on any terrain to avoid any surprises or costly development errors.

Creating or overlaying boundaries and cadastral maps to pinpoint land and voiding any unwanted mistakes.

Get a strong idea of the flood risk and waterlevel rise in an area – make this mistake virtually in our maps so you don’t have to in the field.

Visualize in complete 3D with highly densified 3D Mesh models ready for integration.

  • Accuracy
    See just how far we go
    • Unmatched 3-7cm accuracy in all three plains of field, X, Y, and Z!
    • Stunning to 2cm/pixel resolution
    • Accurate at sizes from under an acre to thousands of acres and beyond
  • Exportability
    Useable for everyone
    • Export contours in .DXF, .SHP and many more!
    • Viewing software provided for 3D terrain models – see our world unlike ever before
    • Share 3D terrain models with clients and colleagues through our online viewing platforms
    • Export high resolution Orthomosaics and map-backdrops in various formats
  • Terrain Analysis
    Analyze further than ever before
    • Area, lengths, heights and many more basic calculations
    • Volumetric calculations
    • Terrain Slope analysis
    • Water flow modeling
    • Flood modeling
    • Terrain profiling & Cross sections
    • Viewshed modeling
    • Object counting & detection
    • And many more!
  • Time Framing
    • Save your project weeks if not months!
    • 1-3 days on site data capture (approx5km2or less)
    • 5-14 days processing to final product (approx 5km2or less)
    • Extremely mobile to any location across Fiji and the South Pacific
Mapping & Surveying

2D/3D High-Resolution Mapping Completely capture and digitize terrain into a high resolution model for unparalleled planning, decision making, analysis and more. Virtual Surveying Too much time and not accurate enough going into the field collecting data? Our revolutionary technology takes our 3D terrain models to a whole new level allowing for virtual calculations, landscaping, terrain profiling and much more at unmatched accuracies. 3D Masterplans Go one step further!Using our 3D terrain models & through importing architectural models, create a complete 3D masterplan of your project, accurate to the centimeter ready for final measuring and viewing! Agricultural Health Mapping Our source of food is nothing less than critical. Skyward’s cutting edge technology now maps, classifies and identifies important vegetative health indicators to better manage our food security.

Watch how we take our maps to the next level…

Agricultural Health Mapping

Crop Health Our source of food is nothing less than critical. Skyward’s cutting edge technology now maps, classifies and identifies important vegetative health indicators to better manage our food security Health Indexing Through extensive research and development we develop different indices for various plant species, measuring chlorophyll content, vegetative stress, moisture and much more Crop counting and area With our 3D mapping capabilities and advanced visuals our team is able to help you asses total areas of existing crops, tree/crop counts, crop elevations, crop heights and much more.

Precision Engineering Survey
Drone and Aircraft Technology
RTK GPS Technology
Mobile Service Fiji and Pacific Wide
DSMs, Point Clouds, Orthomosaics